She's Walking! Almost!

My little baby girl, Nora, is starting to walk! Last night, Meghan and I encouraged her to walk between us, and wouldn't you know it, she did excellent! She's been standing on her own for some time now and walking along the furniture. She hadn't yet walked to get from point to point. With our help, at almost 13 months of age, I counted nine steps of a good, solid, balanced effort!

Today, I did more of the same, just to see if last night was a fluke, but she walked without hesitation to me. My heart swelled up with pride. This afternoon, while we celebrated my 39th birthday in Big Lake with my parents, and she blew kisses to everyone. It's moments like these that makes being a father so fun!

We did have quite a bit of fun at the lake today. The boys swam with their cousin Ben, and I threw Ryan into the air a few times. Nora was getting a little too brave for my comfort, and Ryan gave me a scare in the inner-tube. Everyone walked away unscathed and with my thanks to Ryan's swim teachers at the YMCA.

I'd write more about it, but I need to get to bed soon. I did manage to get a run in around 1930CDT: a loop around Lake Como from my house. I changed the route a little, and the direction of travel, just to mix it up. I'm starting to feel the stress of running every day with sore calves, shins, and hips, so I plan on a short 1-3 miler tomorrow, easy pace. The foam roller did its job tonight, and hopefully tomorrow I won't feel like a truck hit me in the side.