Trying Hard Not to Stay Up

Nora Vivian Walstrom

Newborn and New Schedule

I'm trying hard not to stay up late at night, and here's the reason why... Our little princess has her own schedule, and we bend to her will. Who else can instantly change a family than a newborn child? Nora is no exception, and we couldn't be happier for it. I was told by numerous folks that she would have me wrapped around her little finger on Day One. I don't think I resisted beyond the first minute.

With Nora's arrival came a priority shift and schedule re-organization for me, namely the time slot in which I can run! There is no remaining doubt, I must use the early morning hours to do it. Meghan is taking the two night-time feedings, and I'm picking up the morning feeding. I need to do my run when Meghan is still on "bottle-duty". That way, I don't risk forcing her to wake and attend Nora while out on a run. Two weeks of Personal Time Off (PTO) at work has made this transition much easier.

I suppose it was time for me to officially flip from a night owl to a "morning person", especially if I'm going to take this whole "ultramarathon" thing seriously.


The other big change in my life is committing a diet change, choosing a Paleo diet over the high-carbohydrate, cereal grain focused, American diet. I've been waffling on this for some time, partly because of the general inconvenience of it all. Cereal grains are in everything. I don't know how my celiac friends manage!

Make no mistake, it is a commitment, eating healthy and free of gluten, but I'm hoping that I am making a positive change in my life and setting a good example for my family. The change is all my responsibility, since I do the majority of cooking in the house. Meghan does not woff, ant to have to cook every meal, every day, though I might be able to convince her to pick up one or two.

A huge challenge is deciding what to do with all of the pasta, beans, flour, and other cereal grain derived foods in the house. Perhaps a little outreach on social networks will result in a good home for the food, though perhaps I wouldn't be doing them any favors on principle alone.

Eat Like a Dinosaur!

One thing I wanted to accomplish with this change in diet was to benefit my family's health along the way. I may not be able to convince my children and wife to give up glutens entirely, but if I can get Connor and Ryan excited to cook food, the transition might be easier. I found an excellent cook book, targeted to children and families, that addresses this very thing.  It's called "Eat Like a Dinosaur" and it's written by The Paleo Parents. We bought the Kindle edition, and the plan worked! Connor has been very excited to make his own food and help me out in the kitchen.

With that, I should close the browser and head to bed! Off to run tomorrow morning for two hours! (It's too late already!)


GnuPG Transition to a New, Stronger Key

In reading the Debian Planet RSS feed, I find by example of
Vincent Bernat: GPG Key Transition Statement 2012
that I'm pretty late to the party in transitioning off the vulnerable SHA-1 digesting algorithm and transitioning from my old 1024 bit DSA key on to a new 4096 bit RSA key. I'm going to follow in suit.

You can find the following statement signed by the new key here and detach signed with the old key here.
Hash: SHA256

I am transitioning GPG keys from an old 1024-bit DSA key to a new 4096-bit
RSA key.  The old key will continue to be valid for some time, but I prefer
all new correspondance to be encrypted in the new key, and will be making
all signatures going forward with the new key.

This transition document is signed with both keys to validate the

If you have signed my old key, I would appreciate signatures on my new key
as well, provided that your signing policy permits that without
re-authenticating me.

The old key, which I am transitional away from, is:

 pub   1024D/206C5AFD 1999-11-15 [expires: 2013-07-23]
   Key fingerprint = B4AB D627 9CBD 687E 7A31  1950 0CC7 0B18 206C 5AFD

The new key, to which I am transitioning, is:

 pub   4096R/606A941F 2012-06-16 [expires: 2015-06-16]
   Key fingerprint = 9FCF 24D9 FFE7 4D25 ACCD  D51D 4A67 0D2C 606A 941F

To fetch the full new key from a public key server using GnuPG, run:

  gpg --keyserver keys.gnupg.net --recv-key 606A941F

If you have already validated my old key, you can then validate that the new
key is signed by my old key:

  gpg --check-sigs 606A941F

If you then want to sign my new key, a simple and safe way to do that is by
using caff (shipped in Debian as part of the "signing-party" package) as

  caff 606A941F         

Please contact me via e-mail at  if you have any
questions about this document or this transition.

  Chad Walstrom
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)