Freaking Starving, and Houses

It's four minutes to midnight, and I'm starving! I've eaten three pickles -- no, four -- had a beer, had an amazing scotch that my parents bought for my 39th birthday, and I'm famished! (Why I listed alcohol as if it were a food group, I'll never know. Just stating the facts, folks.) Perhaps I'll drink some more water...

So, the house. We're sitting at a decision point: stay the course with our current price, or drop in hope that people will bite. We've had a lot of potential buyers see the property and walk away. "It's nice, but not for us." "Great upgrades, but not for me." The gutting: "I like it, but I'd like it more if it was $30,000 cheaper." Who wouldn't?!

I understand the buyer's mentality; I do it myself. You walk into a potential purchase with a budget in mind and a set of features or criteria that must be met. In order for a property to qualify, you consider its current price and the money you'll have to spend to get it where you want it. Now, we're terribly proud of the work we've put into our 113 year old house, but not everyone will see it. They won't have the context of "before" and "after", and frankly, they shouldn't have to worry about those details. To say, "You should overlook your misgivings because we've already done X, Y, and Z," is to be disingenuous to the nature of "buyer" and "seller".

I do hope that someone finds the same value in our house that we hold. It's time that we move on and let another family build memories here; I know we've build some great ones of our own. Could we continue living here? Absolutely! We could totally make it work, but we'd have to sacrifice sleep and sanity to do it; Nora and Meghan respectively. Frankly, I would like a rested child and a sane wife.