About Me

I'm a thirty-something husband, father, and geeky runner.  I started this blog, partially because I was looking for a new home for my "homepage."  I was also looking for some way of sharing longer threads of thought than what Facebook, Twitter, or forums could provide.  I won't post frequently to the blog, but when I do, hopefully it'll be worth the read.

My current obsessions, as my wife would refer to them, are running and fitness and role playing.  I completed my first half marathon in May 2009 and my first marathon in June 2010.  I'm hooked and looking for ways of improving my general strength and fitness so that I can continue to enjoy and progress in running.  My goal is to run an ultramarathon sooner than later, preferably the Sawtooth 100 miler on the Superior Hiking Trail, one of the most brutal ultras around.  Why?  Like I said before, I'm hooked.

Here are a few links to other sites I use.