A New Year

Ah, a new year! Lots to do, I tell ya. Work will be a rush for the next couple weeks. Major deployment of Debian using FAI is due to roll out by the end of this week. Role playing sessions to plan, guitar to learn, cross country skiing to do, girlfriend to spoil. Yes, this year will be eventful.

Beer. I need to start my first batch of home-made beer this weekend, the first weekend since before my Dad's birthday that I'll have "off"! Only two short days at work and the "real" free time starts.

The New Year's party at the Stoke's house (Jason, Tiffany and Atalanta) was fun. I got to see lots of old friends from "the Shire" -- the SCA Shire of Innersea in it's Golden Years: Meghan B., Jake E., James M., Kristi, Bob, Paul S, Brian. The gift exchange was fun to watch; even Meghan B's "booby prize" gift to Meghan S. and I was appreciated. ;-)

Today (Tuesday, January 1, 2000) was fun, too. After lunch at Louis' with Jake and Meghan B., we played the card game "Guillotine", "a game where you need to get a head to win". It's a simple card game where you represent an executioner in the French Revolution who is trying to build up a reputation by executing the the higher prestige Aristocracy. If you can get over the grim setting and plot, it's quite fun.

Anyway, time to hit the sack. Busy day tomorrow.