Running Shoes
After many years trying to figure out what type of shoe to run in, I've come to like light and flat shoes that promote mid-foot striking.  I'm not a rabid bare-footer, but I certainly like including it in my daily training.
  • Brooks Pure Grit 2 (MUCH better grip than 1s)
  • Vibram: KSO (Awesome!  Cold for Minnesota Winters!), and Trek
  • New Balance MT101 (One of my favorite pairs of shoes. I wish they had half-sizes.) Retired.
  • Brooks Pure Grit (the grip is horrible on these... relegated to road running now) Retired.
  • Karhu Racer (Great for road-running and training, though technically they're racing flats.) Retired.
  • Saucony Progrid Ride II (O.K. High heel ramp.) Retired.
GPS and Heart Rate Monitoring
I currently use the GPS radio on my cell phone, the MyTouch 4G (by HTC) running the CyanogenMod 7.1.0 with Google My Tracks.  I'm largely disappointed in the accuracy of the distance and pace recorded by MyTracks and tend to clean up the tracks with GPSPrune.

My old Nike heart rate monitor has been retired, but I'm not really convinced about heart rate training anyway. Maybe when I pick up a Garmin, I'll reconsider.

Plans schmands...  As much as I wish to have a plan, I never have the discipline to execute. Essentially, if I don't get to run, swim, or bike, I get grumpy, so I try to some of each every week. I give myself a few rules-of-thumb: don't run LSD's greater than twice the distance of my longest during-week run, try to get in some slower workouts (easy) and faster workouts (medium to hard as intervals, progressions, hills, tempos and fartleks).
Recently, I've picked up a copy of Daniels' Running Formula, and I've found his principles to really click with me. For 2012, I'll be following his guidelines and see what types of success I can achieve.

Places to Run
One of my favorite places to run is along the Mississippi river.  I have about a 2 mile jaunt down to the river itself, but once there, I can put together some nice long looping runs.  Another favorite place to run for shorter distances is the walking and biking trails around Lake Como.  These are asphalt trails measuring 1.6 miles on its shortest, 1.72 on the longest.  A loop from my house to Lake Como and back is almost exactly 7 miles.

Races and Resources
I'll be adding more links and references here for races and resources useful to a runner.

I don't really have an riding plans right now, but I have a wonderful road bike, the 2010 Fuji Roubiax.  I had been commuting to and from work, but I wasn't getting to bed early enough to really take advantage of this. The Minnesota Winters will push me inside for cycling anyway.  Perhaps I'll break out Meghan's mountain bike for commuting in the snow and slush.

The YMCA Triathlon Swim Training classes have been exceptional, accelerating my form, speed, and endurance greatly!  I'm having fun with this sport and benefiting from the cross-training aspects.  I have also purchased a training DVD from Total Immersion Swimming titled "Easy Freestyle: 21st Century Techniques for Beginners to Advanced Swimmers".  I found it very helpful.

Cross-country Skiing
Yes!  I love this sport, but I need to make sure I get out and do it more often.  Central Minnesota is a bit hit-or-miss when it comes to well-groomed trails and good, snowy conditions.  2010-2011 promises to be very nice.