May Checkin

Time for a check-in of sorts. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in my running as of late. I have a dozen excuses which distill down to three main causes: injury recovery, illness, and poor discipline. However you wish to look at it, the result is the same, I'm far behind where I want to be on May 18th. I'm disappointed that I had to miss out on the May 5th Runnin in the Ruff 10K in Milaca due to a really nasty cold. I was out of commission just two weeks before that due to a really horrible flu, which resulted in me getting two liters of intravenous saline at Urgent Care. I can't help but be envious of my friends running the Spring Superior Trail 25K and 50K runs this Saturday and those that completed the Ice Age 50 this last weekend.

In talking with Meghan this last week, I realized that I often use the phrase, "I wish I [were, had, was]..." or "I want to..." For example, "I wish I was developing more software." "I wish I were running more." "I want to go camping sometime." Enough. I've had it with these phrases. Instead, I'm changing over to "I am..." I had summed up the difference eloquently that night, but I don't recall the exact verbiage I used. It went something like this:

I refuse to live by wishes and desires, but by definition of action.
I know, pretty corny. Put another way, get off your arse and DO something. Yeah, that sounds about right. The good news here is that I am developing more at work, I am running more. I am getting help from a sports chiropractor for my hip and knee. No news on the camping front yet, but I'll get something put on the calendar soon enough.
The schedule for the rest of the year is going to be relatively loosely defined. The most important events in boldface.
  • June 2: Cub Scouts Rocket Launch!
  • June 18: Baby Nora Vivian expected to be delivered into the world!
  • June 24: The Lakes Run 8k  (Baby expected!)
  • July 7: Afton 25K Trail Run (registered and hopefully I can run it)
  • September 7: Superior Moose Mountain Marathon (hoping to have a family weekend at the resort for this one)
Well, it looks like the pictures and videos are now transferred off my phone, and it's time to turn in for the night. G'night!