Finding Races for 2010?

I've been mulling over which races I plan on running for 2010.  Having done this last year, so I remembered a few sites that can be helpful for a Minnesota runner to find local races.  Let's face it, as much as I would like to race around the states, I can probably only manage a few of these special trips a year.

The first site is called Apple Raceberry JaM.  It has a pretty good collection of race information across the state.  The site is very low tech, circa early 90's, but it wins in content.  One intersting Marathon of note I found through this site is the Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon on May 8th, between Holdingford and St. Joseph, MN.  It's scheduled two months before Grandma's, and still five months away.  These are the schools we used to race against in High School.  It would be interesting to return as a much older (and slower) man to run again.

Another site that is useful is The Sporting Life Events.  It catalogs races managed by The Sporting Life crew.  I ran The Running of the Pigs last spring with Connor.  We had a great time, so I would recommend these races to anyone.  Of the races here, I'll probably run the Frigid 5 (or 8) in February and the St. Patrick's Day Human Race in March.

The Minnesota Distance Running Association also hosts a bunch of races throughout the year and list them here.  All races are free if you register as a sustaining member, so if you plan on four or so, you may as well just become a member.  One cool thing they do is Dome Running!  $1 per night gets you three hours of running from 17:00-20:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays up through March 11th!  So, for those really cold days, we can run inside instead!

So far, the only concrete race decisions I've made are to run in Grandma's and the Lake's 8k in June, and pace for Adam (Wahoo!!!) at the Leadville 100mi Trail marathon in August.  I've added a few tentative races on my Fitness calendar (ala Google), which is embedded on this blog.  A couple friends of mine offered up a couch in Florida so I could run the Gasperilla 15k in late February... I might take them up on it. :)