Push-ups and Sit-ups, How Good Are They?

Push-ups and sit-ups are the most basic of exercises we learned to hate as a child.  We were introduced to these seeming tortuous wastes of time by the sadistic discretion of  phy-ed teachers.  Of what use are they really?

Apparently, they're quite underrated.  The standard push-up engages a number of core muscle groups to keep your body in a straight plank, and serves as an excellent workout for your pecs and triceps.  Of course, you knew that.  You probably also knew about the One Hundred Push Ups training program, a site that provides you a schedule toward completing 100 consecutive pushups.

The initial test is simple enough, do as many pushups as you can.  Use that number to determine where in the schedule you should start.  Five sets of varying reps for a week at a time.  Fun stuff!

In likewise fashion, there is also a Two Hundred Situps training program, Two Hundred Squats, and soon to arrive Twenty Five Pullups sites give you schedules for similar physical feats of endurance.

I wouldn't be posting about this if I hadn't started, of course.  33 push-ups for the initial test moved me to week three.  I tried Day 1 of the program, and didn't quite finish my fifth set: "at least 20".   We'll see how Day 2 goes on Friday.  I did better with the situps Day 1.  I haven't tried the squats yet, but I might as well add that one in two.  The triumvirate complete.