Sketching out Training for 2010

I've nailed down a few races now, but not many.  I've got some aggressive goals for 2010, apparently.  I ran just shy of 550 miles last year, starting in February and having a hiatus for hip bursitis.  I'm pretty sure I over-trained in the second half of the year before Ragnar.

Version 1 of my training schedule is modeled off Hal Higdon's 18 week Intermediate - I schedule, date shifted forward to match Grandma's Marathon.

I get just a bit over a week before The Lakes 8k in Big Lake, so I won't be running that race very hard at all.  I've included a couple pre-marathon races, and may add in a half-marathon if I find one that matches the training schedule.  Of course, this is all dependent upon how my body reacts to training.  This one is rather run-heavy, though if I want to pace for Adam in August, I'll want a good base mileage to work off of.

I do plan on including more cross-training, including biking to and from work, some free-weight training, and swimming.  Version 2 of this schedule will likely have a more balanced approach, closer resembling a triathlete's training.  I may include Wednesday's as "Cross" days rather than runs, giving me 2 "Cross", 4 "Run/Pace", and 1 "Rest" each week.

On thing to consider is that my commute to work is 5 miles, approximately.  I can get there in about 15-18 minutes in the morning, and back home in 18-22 minutes.  I would like to work up to riding every day of the week while not compromising my running training.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.


P.S. I found a nice site: Beginner Triathlete. Might be useful!