The Eve of Work

We had a special moment today in the Walstrom and Stokes families: Nora's Baptism! I'll hoist a picture up here once we've uploaded them, so you'll have to trust me when I say Nora was adorable! The last few days, we've been spending time at our in-laws to take advantage of the lake and spend time with out-of-town family. It has made me miss living on a lake, but has renewed my hatred for raking out lake weeds!

It's a few minutes past 22:00, and I'm trying to wrap my head around how this week is going to work out. Baby Nora is not really on a schedule per-se, but she's getting up every three of four hours to eat. Meghan is taking the night shift, and I'm hoping to help out with the morning bottle. She's worried I won't get enough sleep, and I'm worried about her in the same way. We'll work it out, but it might take a bit of trial and error before we get it right.

At least for tomorrow, I plan on getting up at 05:30 to 06:00 to start getting ready for my run to work. It's a five mile jaunt with a few hills (though mostly downhill) down to the Skyway YMCA, whereby checking in on a daily basis, I'll earn my monthly $20 discount with the health insurance company on the membership fees. Worth it, I say. Besides, a consistent daily five miler will work beautifully for training. A run home makes it a double-day for ten miles, but I don't plan on working that part in for a while. In the mean time, a $2.25 bus ride will work out nicely -- slightly more costly than gas and free parking. I'll have to talk to my co-workers about the compensation plan at work for bus travel.

My weekly time goal for running is five hours at an Easy pace, as I'm starting over with Daniels' Running Formula approach again. I did well for two weeks, and then got "busy" again. I've put in some faster runs this week, so I'm not sure what my VDOT (38) based workout points will be. I'll figure it out tomorrow and post here as a follow-up. Technically, I'm on a 7 day #runstreak, which I may as well keep going.

I've done relatively well with the Paleo/Archevore diet over the last couple of days, but without documenting the journey, I'll probably forget what works and what doesn't. I do have to say I've enjoyed my almond-milk, honey, iced coffees -- it was toasty out! I included red potato hash-browns for breakfast, since yesterday's run was so horribly sluggish. Subsequently, by noon I was feeling strong enough for a run, which I would have otherwise skipped. I wasn't terribly hungry, unlike yesterday. I find that I feel more satiated if I sit down and eat a full meal rather than snacking.

Breakfast: Mini-pizza egg patties, hash-browns (not strictly Paleo - but I need the carbs for my running), plain vanilla yogurt (not paleo - but I really, really love it) with grapefruit. Coffee (x2) . Water. Almond milk-honey-iced coffee (x2).

Lunch: (At the Stokes house) Smoked beef roast with bernaise (not sure about Paleo on this, but it should be OK), lunch meats, blueberries and blackberries, tomatoes (fresh) in balsamic vinegar, and a really tasty spinach, candied walnut, and cranberries salad. One glass of white wine (not prohibited, but not part of the 30 day "detox" program). If there was any gluten in the diet, it would have been negligible. I did avoid dairy (though I DO love cheese).

Dinner: (At the Stokes house, again) Basically, the same as above. We ate left-overs from lunch. No wine this time, just coffee.

With that, it's time to turn in. 6 o'clock comes early , and it's almost 23:00 now!