Back to Work

First day at work, and it is a cooker out! I chickened out of the morning commute run due to projected record high temperatures reaching or exceeding 99F. Add in the humidity, and that spells disaster in the late afternoon sun. Instead, I opted to run a neighborhood three mile loop. Although toasty, I completed it in my requisite 30 minutes.  Day one of week two done.

Work has been more about catching up on emails and conversing about the difficulties over the last two weeks. With the outage due to an electrical fire at Visi Internet Services, our company is working hard to add in more redundant features to our platform. Things are pretty exciting right now at GovDelivery.

I'm still on the bandwagon with the Paleo/Archevore diet, though I didn't eat anything until I arrived at work around 08:00 this morning.

Breakfast: left-over eggs in a nest (x3), cup of plain vanilla yogurt and a grapefruit, coffee.

Lunch: curried red potatoes, left-over 50/50 bacon burgers, left-over broccoli and cauliflower, cantelope (1cup), orange, water.

Dinner: Rats on a Stick (hamburger, seasoned with Thai red curry, cumin and salt), pineapple, and a romaine lettuce salad with 1,000 Island dressing (a little cheat here -- it had soybean oil in it).

Off to bed!