.plan wrapper

Testing a new wrapper program for managing my .plan files.  Real simple hack
that I put together.  I wanted to rename my .plan file to something that could
be referenced in the future as a relatively accurate record of when the .plan
file was written.  The last modified time, found in the struct stat as
st_mtime, provides us this info quite nicely.  Now, thinking like a good UNIX
user, I looked for a program or tool that'd give me this information from a
shell. Did I find one?  No.  So, I broke out VIM and gcc and wrote up a quick
program, stuffed it in ~/bin, then wrote a quick wrapper script to help me
manage my .plan files.  Basically, I call 'newplan.sh' to move the old plan
into ~/web/plans/lastmodtime.plan.  (You can browse this directory if you like.)

So, why didn't I just write up a PHP web page to manage this?  WHY!?  I like
shell!  BASH is your friend.  Pipes are your friend.  VIM is your friend.

Anyway, the work day is almost done.  (Where did the time go?  ARGGG!)  I
actually wanted to get more done today, but I'm not going to slave myself to
this desk all night.  I've got a party to go to!