Dec 20, 2001

I'm starting to value the option to use scoring in procmail.  I'm sick of the
high Noise:Line ratio (40+:1) I see on tclug-list@mn-linux.org and other lists.
I'll be customizing things tonight to either filter email by score or add
special headers to each email so that they're quotable later on. ;-)

Additionally, I'm tired of having to be on my machine at home just to get
email.  I'm going to be moving things over to Ben's machine shortly, or at
least starting over on Ben's machine.  If he doesn't have nmh installed, I'll
prompt him to do so.

Other things happening: Dad turned 50 yesterday!  Christmas plans are quite
busy as a result.  Friday is his birthday party.  Saturday, Meghan and I are
taking him to see LoTR.  Saturday night is Marya's Holiday party.  Sunday is
our family X-mas celebration, scheduled early on account of my dad's work
schedule.  Monday is X-mas eve.  Part of the day will be with Grandma and
Grandpa, and part will be at Meghan's family.  Tuesday is Christmas where we'll
still be at Meghan's parent's house until the afternoon, only to buzz on over
to my Uncle's house for the Kaaria X-mas celebration.

So, starting tomorrow, my long weekend will be a LONG weekend. ;-)