Legs Trashed, Nose Plugged

I feel like I've overdone it a little this last week. From Monday through Sunday, I logged in around 40 miles of running, the most I've done in a very, very long time. If you count yesterday, I'm at 47 in 8 days! The closest I have to this type of output was August of last year. It feels good, and sore, and tiring, and awesome.

I'm also fighting another bout with rhinovirus, which gifted me with a freaky, haunted nightmare last night. We're currently trying to fix up our house in the Midway neighborhood of Saint Paul for sale, and we're looking to move into the Woodbury or Cottage Grove neighborhoods. Apparently it's stressing me out a little, because I dreamt of being pinned down in bed by a ghostly figure without a face, silently screaming at me from a gaping, undefined maw. What the hell?!