Busy, busy, busy...


I've been wanting to write up the race report for this year's Moose Mountain Marathon similar in style as to last year's report, but for some reason, I just haven't felt the drive to get it done. Today is no exception. Instead, I just want to relax, catch up on some Redit reading, and maybe throw down a few thoughts here.

The race itself was an awesome experience, one that I'll be excited to tackle again some day. After shaving off 45 minutes from last year's time, I found a formula that works. Four weeks later, after taking a break from running and being forced to sit on the sidelines with a nasty cold for two weeks, I'm starting to get back into the swing of things. Next year will undoubtedly be a challenge as I progress toward my goal of completing a 100 mile marathon before I'm 40. I have until July 12, 2014, so next year will be quite important in building my endurance, strength, fortitude, and willpower to complete such a feat. I draw inspiration from the incredible runners of UMTR. It can be done!

One thing that I will be working on are hills; long, winding, soul-sucking hills. Out of the different stretches along SHT, the ones that were the most challenging were the steep climbs and long switchbacks. I'd like to be able to run up them rather than walk!

Family Things

Today is going to be a family day in Big Lake to celebrate Connor's 8th birthday. He's getting so big! Meghan found her crafty side this season and is sewing a Link costume for him. He's sticking with Nintendo characters, but at least he's graduated from Mario and Luigi!

Well, things are starting to move, so we'll have to pack up the kids and get out the door. Have a great week!