Race Report: 2011 Afton 25k Trail Race Report (Long Overdue)

[Originally posted on DailyMile.com]

What a brutal race (but fun)! This is my second 25k trail race this year, and it was by far the more challenging of the two. As some of you may know, the State of Minnesota shut down and as a result, the State Parks were also shut down. Race Director John Storekamp and volunteers did an awesome job prepping 2 (yes two) race courses for the event. When it was clear that we wouldn't be able to run Afton State Park, Afton Alps Ski Resort let us use their mountain bike trail!

I can't say enough how awesome this race was. It was gnarly. It was hot. The volunteers were professional, helpful, and great. I started out far too fast (of course), and soon found myself sucking wind. I just was not prepared for the insane elevation changes, and I've never run so many switchbacks in my life! I am not ashamed to say I walked, a lot. Cardio-wise, I was fine once I backed the pace down. Where I lacked was in leg strength and endurance.

I also made a mess-up in not taking in enough salt and electrolytes. I had two 20oz bottles of nuun, but it's sometimes a bit sweet, and I don't always drink enough liquid to ensure I've taken enough salts. When I finished the race, my whole body was buzzing from effort and lack of electrolytes. I laid down in the grass and put my feet up on a picnic table bench, and when I tried to get up 10 minutes later, both quads cramped up. OUCH!

I would definitely do it again! :) Here's a Shout Out to Brian Woods and Adam S. for their work volunteering at the race! Thanks, so much!

Final Results: Placed 121 of 236 with a time of 3:20:26 (12:55/mile).

Footnotes in the Results PDF: (REVISED COURSE - 2011 was a revised course from previous years due to the Minnesota State Government Shutdown which closed Minnesota State Parks.  An alternate location was used for the race - Afton Alps Recreation area.  This was 7.75 mile loop and was a more difficult course than the normal course which resulted in slower than normal times.)