Waxing up the Skiis!

It's that time of year again, and by golly, I'm going to be out on the trails on my almost new, five-year-old classic cross-country skiis! I bought a pass last year and used it once! Once! Not again! I'll be hitting the trails with vigor, especially with all the beautiful snow we've received in Minnesota already! The temperatures are perfect, and the classic trails are ready. Jessica Dunn pointed me off to Skinnyski.com to get trail conditions; what a great site!

Ski on!


  1. Skinnyski is a good site. The Birkebeiner/Kortelopet still has spots open :)
    The Kortie is fun, and you'd probably have a blast doing it, plus not so far that you'd have to put in a ton of time prepping.

  2. Hah! I still consider myself a beginner skier, so the Kortelopet might be out for me. We'll see how I ferret out on the planks this month before deciding on any races. :)