Lunch in the Lobby

Just taking a quick break for lunch before heading in to a two hour meeting; mandatory training. Work has been very busy lately, and we could really use a couple good Support Engineers to balance the load. I'll be sliding over to Systems Engineer when te positions get filled! (I'll post the job link later.)

Stepping out of the office I find refreshing, time to focus on other things and decompress for a while. The weather held out long enough for me to sit on a park bench and have lunch, but not long enough for me to type this. The pigeons were entertaining, with their Spring colors and haughty attitudes. It seemed that the ladies weren't too impressed, though perhaps that's the way of a city bird.

There wasn't enough time to get a lap swim in this afternoon, but maybe this evening. The difficult part about swimming isn't the exercise, rather being on-call. Most pool areas are surrounded by thick concrete walls, making receiving a signal a little iffy. Tomorrow's my last Tri-Swimming class for this session, and I have yet to sign up again. I need to; such a great class!

Tonight is Meghan's Night Out, so the boys and I will need to find something to do. Should be interesting. ;)